About Us

Founded in 2002 in Hamburg, TCH acts as a special unit offering a wide range of consultancy, audit, claims handling and technical support services for solvent or insolvent discontinued business in the insurance / reinsurance sector as well as claims or business portfolios to be transferred directly for trade and shipping and all other parts of the transport and touristic industry.

A fundamental element of the work and in relationships with our clients is strictest confidentiality, closest co-operation and followup on the agreed run-off strategy.

Due to the specialist nature of run-off business a highly professional specialised service is required and appropriately provided by TCH to its many satisfied clients.

TCH always dedicates especially selected teams of in-house and, if necessary and adequate, independent outside experts to its consultancy, audit and / or run-off tasks.

TCH belongs 100% to the Zeller Associates Group (ZA Group), which in turn is entirely owned by its own Senior Management, and it is therefore completely independent from any other organisations or entities within the Risk, Insurance and Reinsurance and its Industry.

TCH insofar takes the liberty – and pride – to always take a professional and completely independent view to its mandates and tasks.

At the same time it is ideally suited to serve its customers’ needs through drawing on the ZA Group’s wide-ranging expertise and the network of independent specialists it may call in.

TCH Run-Off Services is mainly based in Hamburg, but its services are available through any of the ZA Group offices worldwide.